Date Formatting problem #2

I have a excel (professional xp).  I have a problem 
formatting a text field into a date field.  When I format 
the field nothing happens, until I double click on the 
field and then it formats.  The problem is that I have 
over 8000 lines and I can't do this for every field.  
Does anyone have any ideas?

cubby1_98 (2)
10/9/2003 6:33:41 PM
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Enter 1 in a blank cell and copy it.  Highlight the 'dates' and Edit>Paste
special...>Values+Multiply.  With them still highlighted, reformat them as
Date (Format>Cells...Number.Date). Don't worry that they all look like
numbers before formatting.  That's how Excel stores dates

Nick Hodge
Southampton, England

"Rick Prater" <> wrote in message
> I have a excel (professional xp).  I have a problem
> formatting a text field into a date field.  When I format
> the field nothing happens, until I double click on the
> field and then it formats.  The problem is that I have
> over 8000 lines and I can't do this for every field.
> Does anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Rick

nick_hodge (41)
10/9/2003 6:37:32 PM
That worked!! Thanks!
>-----Original Message-----
>Enter 1 in a blank cell and copy it.  Highlight 
the 'dates' and Edit>Paste
>special...>Values+Multiply.  With them still 
highlighted, reformat them as
>Date (Format>Cells...Number.Date). Don't worry that they 
all look like
>numbers before formatting.  That's how Excel stores dates
>Nick Hodge
>Southampton, England
>"Rick Prater" <> wrote in message
>> I have a excel (professional xp).  I have a problem
>> formatting a text field into a date field.  When I 
>> the field nothing happens, until I double click on the
>> field and then it formats.  The problem is that I have
>> over 8000 lines and I can't do this for every field.
>> Does anyone have any ideas?
>> Thanks,
>> Rick
cubby1_98 (2)
10/9/2003 7:15:15 PM

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