Ctrl + Home

I am used to the "ctrl + home" key combination taking me 
to the cell A1 of sheet A. In Excel, it only takes you to 
the cell A1 of the sheet you are in at the time.

Is there another key combination that takes the place of 
Ctrl + Home in QPW and takes you to Cell A1 in the Sheet A 
or do I need to program that into a macro and stick it on 
a toolbar somewhere?


broberson (13)
7/21/2003 7:35:59 PM
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There is no built-in shortcut to take you to the first worksheet's cell A1.
You could, of course, press Ctrl-PgUp a number of times to get to the first
worksheet, and then press Ctrl-Home.

The code for your macro could be as simple as this:

  Application.Goto Worksheets(1).Range("A1")

Jim Rech
Excel MVP

jrrech (1933)
7/21/2003 8:05:54 PM
Many people have these kinds of utility macros in their personal.xls (or
personal.xla) workbook.  The put this workbook into a special folder (XLStart). 
Files in this folder get started each time excel starts.

But if you're going to share this kind of functionality with others, stay away
from the name personal.xl*.  You don't want to overwrite any personalized macros
that your coworkers already have (or will have).

So call that workbook BruceUtils.xls (or .xla if you save it as an addin).

Then it can co-exist with the user's personal.xl* file.

And once you get a few of these utilities, you may want to make them available
on another option on the worksheet menubar.

I really like John Walkenbach's menumaker program.  It's easy to update and
looks very nice.

And since you want to make it available all the time, you'll probably have to
add some checks.  For instance, what happens if the first worksheet is hidden?

You could just ignore the error:

Option Explicit
Sub gotoWK1A1()
    On Error Resume Next
    Application.Goto ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Range("A1")
    On Error GoTo 0
End Sub

Or you could try to think of all the things that could go wrong.  (I didn't.  I
just thought of Hidden worksheets and maybe no worksheets at all!)

Option Explicit
Sub gotoWK1A1()
Dim iCtr As Long
    For iCtr = 1 To Worksheets.Count
        If Worksheets(iCtr).Visible = xlSheetVisible Then
            Application.Goto ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(iCtr).Range("A1")
            Exit Sub
        End If
    Next iCtr
    MsgBox "Failed"
End Sub

Bruce Roberson wrote:
> If I do this macro, it would have to be present in every
> spreadsheet I use, or if I put the macro on a custom
> toolbar, then it would end up calling up the spreadsheet
> from which I loaded the macro into, right?
> What I'm trying to say is there a way to make that macro
> available on a toolbar without having the specific code in
> each workbook I work with? The reason I ask this is I
> might make this macro available to other users in my
> office.
> Thanks,
> Bruce
> >-----Original Message-----
> >There is no built-in shortcut to take you to the first
> worksheet's cell A1.
> >You could, of course, press Ctrl-PgUp a number of times
> to get to the first
> >worksheet, and then press Ctrl-Home.
> >
> >The code for your macro could be as simple as this:
> >
> >  Application.Goto Worksheets(1).Range("A1")
> >
> >--
> >Jim Rech
> >Excel MVP
> >
> >
> >.
> >


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
7/22/2003 12:33:01 AM

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