Creating a conditional formula to increment #s in a test script


I have an Excel question.  I am creating a test script template for our team 
and I an in need of some formula help.  Here is what I wish to do:

Let's say I have a column A in my test script.  I wish to label this column 
with my test script #
TC3...(and so on)

However, the problem is I have section breaks in my test script that divides 
the document into sections: eg.. 


Now the problem is that if I want to add a new test case to the "Login 
section" above, I need to manually increase all the TC#s by one.  This is a 
VERY tedious task if we have over 100 test cases in different sections.

What's I'd like ideally is a formula that will do this
="TC-"&<In column A:A, look at cell above where I am and if NOT an empty 
cell, then add 1> 

Is this possible somehow?  This way my team can add testcases dynamically 
and we won't have to keep manually incrementing/updating the script TC#s 
every time we add new testcases.


Derek Megyesi
Senior QA Engineer
3/16/2010 8:27:01 PM
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