Control pasted/imported data to use only ODD or EVEN rows

I want to move data from access 2000 to excel
I want to paste or import.

May I tell excel to only accept one paste to use ODD rows, 
the the second paste to use even rows?

I have spit data in access queries so I can use two 
I have 5000 rows to do per paste. Maybe fifty columns
The data in each paste will have identical columns and 

Joe, Smith, address, 1st car info (red blue black)
Joe, Smith, address, 2nd car info (red blue black)
Mary Poppins, address, 1st car info (red blue black)
Mary Poppins, address, 2nd car info (red blue black)

If you have a solution,
my email is
anonymous (74722)
3/2/2005 5:36:21 PM
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I haven't seen a follow up that gives you what you want so maybe you
can try two pastes then sort on one of the columns that is the same in
both queries?
If you don't want to reorder the records then try something like this:

Assuming AY is first open column, row 1 is labels, and column A holds
a value that is the same for records you want together, but different
in all cases you want seperated,
type 1 in AY2
In AY3>
Copy AY3 down then sort on Column AY

On Wed, 2 Mar 2005 09:36:21 -0800, "john C"
<> wrote:

>I want to move data from access 2000 to excel
>I want to paste or import.
>May I tell excel to only accept one paste to use ODD rows, 
>the the second paste to use even rows?
>I have spit data in access queries so I can use two 
>I have 5000 rows to do per paste. Maybe fifty columns
>The data in each paste will have identical columns and 
>Joe, Smith, address, 1st car info (red blue black)
>Joe, Smith, address, 2nd car info (red blue black)
>Mary Poppins, address, 1st car info (red blue black)
>Mary Poppins, address, 2nd car info (red blue black)
>If you have a solution,
>my email is

3/2/2005 8:37:11 PM

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