Control Of Horizontal Page Break

When clicking on 'View - Page Break Preview', I am able to drag the page
break to the right one column, so that all of the columns in my 'Print
Area' are printed on the first page.  Why is this so, and can I control
this from VBA?

Thanks for a response,

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11/22/2004 8:28:31 PM
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The way to control the number of pages that are printed is with the Page tab 
of File, Page Setup.  In the Scaling section select Fit To and the number 
wide and/or long to be used.  You can record a macro as you manually adjust 
this setting to get the VB syntax.  Note that when you use Fit To Excel 
ignores any manual page breaks you might have added.

Jim Rech
Excel MVP
"Chuckles123" <> wrote in message
| When clicking on 'View - Page Break Preview', I am able to drag the page
| break to the right one column, so that all of the columns in my 'Print
| Area' are printed on the first page.  Why is this so, and can I control
| this from VBA?
| Thanks for a response,
| Chuckles123
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| Chuckles123
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jrrech (1933)
11/22/2004 10:00:28 PM
Thanks. :) 
I saw some code on another thread dealing with resetting all pag
breaks and then setting them according to specified cell locations.
I think I will try that.

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11/22/2004 11:37:23 PM

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