Confusing spreadsheet

I have been tasked with trying to simplify a few spreadsheets that i use. 
They are to track certain tasks that run, and then certain fields with the 
output created.

I don't have much time to get it in place so i have found a few quick things 
that may make life easier, but wanted some help in the code needed/best way 
to make these changes.

1) Is there away to get multiple spreadsheets to update one main sheet? 
There will be 5 seperate sheets for the different 'types' of runs, and then 
one main sheet keeping track of run numbers, which will have 5 tabs for the 
different runs. Is there a code which can cross refernce the type of run and 
the tab name which should corrospond, and then fill in certain fields?

2) The five seperate sheets will have numerous tabs aswell so can this be 
linked into the main sheet to fill in job numbers, as new tabs get created as 
the runs happen, therefore there is no definate about the amount of runs 
5/20/2010 4:09:01 PM
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hi Dan,

Sorry, this is not a direct answer to your question because I'm
confused by how many different "workbooks" you have and how many
"worksheets" are in each "workbook".

Here is a link to a pdf with some spreadsheet design principles that
have influenced my spreadsheet development:
from 'Recommended Spreadsheet (Excel) web sites, tools, groups, best
practice, financial modelling, modeling'

With my limited understanding of your layout, I would suggest
consolidating all the information onto a single worksheet and adding any
necessary extra columns to differentiate between the types of runs. The
advantages of a single "(flat) database style" worksheet are that you
can use a lot of Excel's inbuilt functionality, eg. autofiltering,
advanced filtering, sorting, outlines/sub-totals, pivot tables and "all
your data is in one place". When all your data is in one place you can
create flexible "Reporting/Output" worksheets which summarise the info
on the Input worksheet for printing.



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5/20/2010 7:36:14 PM

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