Compare & Interpolate Values

Table with two dependent columns (example.  Height1 vs. Capacity1). 
Now I want to create a new, two column table with a given Capacity,
lets call it Capacity2).

So these are my givens:
Height 1    	Capacity 1
10	        500
20	        600
30	        900

Capacity 2	Height 2   
Now, I want to create a function with will take my Capacity 2 value,
compare it with Capacity 1 and interpolate the appropriate Height 2
value (from Height 1).
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1/12/2004 5:30:50 PM
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Set up your table so that it is the reverse of what you have:

Capacity 1  Height 1
  500            10
  600            20
  900            30

Then put the volumes into cells A7:A9, (the 550).  Then use this
formula in B7 (remove any spurious line-breaks thrown in by our mail


and copy to B8 and B9.

MS Excel MVP

"Milia" <> wrote in message
> Table with two dependent columns (example.  Height1 vs. Capacity1).
> Now I want to create a new, two column table with a given Capacity,
> lets call it Capacity2).
> So these are my givens:
> Height 1    Capacity 1
> 10         500
> 20         600
> 30         900
> Capacity 2 Height 2
> 550
> 610
> 850
> Now, I want to create a function with will take my Capacity 2 value,
> compare it with Capacity 1 and interpolate the appropriate Height 2
> value (from Height 1).

1/12/2004 7:19:37 PM

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