8/9/2004	A	                111	B9	2	13.46
8/9/2004	S	                123	B9	4	26.92
6/4/2004	S	                123	C14	5	31.95
6/1/2004	M	                2131	C14	12	29.88
7/22/2004	B	                13123	C3	1	0.75
7/5/2004	A	                12312	C4	1	0.75
7/5/2004	A	                12312	C4	1	0.75
8/24/2004	S	                41	A1	1	0.75
8/23/2004	X	                14214	A2	1	0.75
8/6/2004	T	                1412	C15	1	43.78
6/8/2004	Y	                1221	C15	1	43.78

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6/1/2005 7:10:06 PM
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I think I'd us a Pivot Table for that.

Let us know if you need help setting it up.


6/1/2005 7:16:04 PM


"Ron Coderre" wrote:

> I think I'd us a Pivot Table for that.
> Let us know if you need help setting it up.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Ron
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