Combined date time cell to separate date & time components #2

From file dump have combined date time cells eg 14/04/03 14:20 (value 
37725.59722).  Want to perform time analysis so need to split to 2 separate 
cells; eg. "14/04/2003" (value 37725) & "14:20" (value 0.59722).   Is there a 
fnc to do this?  (Currently convert cell to value, then fncs trunc & cell 
less int(cell) then refmt to date dd/mm/yy & time hh:mm respectively)

MarkAda (6)
12/1/2004 11:59:04 PM
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See the reply to your post in the microsoft.public.excel newsgroup.

Please don't post the same question to multiple groups. It just wastes 
the time of those replying to a question that was already answered, and 
fragments your answers.

In your case, this question was answered yesterday when you posted the 
same question. Look in the archives:*excel*


for tips on using these groups effectively.

In article <>,
 "Mark Ada" <> wrote:

> From file dump have combined date time cells eg 14/04/03 14:20 (value 
> 37725.59722).  Want to perform time analysis so need to split to 2 separate 
> cells; eg. "14/04/2003" (value 37725) & "14:20" (value 0.59722).   Is there a 
> fnc to do this?  (Currently convert cell to value, then fncs trunc & cell 
> less int(cell) then refmt to date dd/mm/yy & time hh:mm respectively)
jemcgimpsey (6723)
12/2/2004 12:07:31 AM

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