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Is there a way to have a monetary vaue appear when a letter is typed into a 
Linds (8)
12/21/2005 5:16:02 PM
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Tools>Autocorrect options

If this is not at all what you mean, try being a bit more specific

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Niek Otten

"Linds" <> wrote in message
> Is there a way to have a monetary vaue appear when a letter is typed into 
> a
> cell? 

nicolaus (2022)
12/21/2005 5:21:21 PM
Maybe you could use a table on another worksheet and a helper cell that would
contain an =vlookup() formula.


You may want to read Debra Dalgleish's notes: 

Linds wrote:
> Is there a way to have a monetary vaue appear when a letter is typed into a
> cell?


Dave Peterson
petersod (12004)
12/21/2005 6:50:36 PM

In the same cell?

You would need to use Autocorrect or event code.

In another cell use this   =LOOKUP(A1,{"A","B","C","D","E"},{10,30,40,50,60})

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On Wed, 21 Dec 2005 09:16:02 -0800, "Linds" <>

>Is there a way to have a monetary vaue appear when a letter is typed into a 
12/21/2005 7:57:26 PM

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