Calculate % variance on previous quarters. Quarter %, etc. pivot

How do I calculate a % variance from the previous quarterly total and place 
the % variance next to that particular quarter?

Column      qtr1  %   qtr2  %  qtr3  %  qtr4  %  Total$
item1         50    ??    75    ??  100  ??  125  ??

Example: what is the % variance from qtr1 and qtr2?  The variance per cent 
will go into the column format betwenn qtr1 and qtr2.  Designated as ??.
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8/8/2005 4:35:04 PM
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The best way to calculate qtr over qtr performance is the following.

X = Previous Qtr Revenue
Y = New Quarters Revenue

The formula is:


So in your example for Q1 to Q2 revenue would be:

=(75-50)/50 = 50%  

So the increase Qtr over Qtr was 50%  You always devide (the difference
from the new quarter to the old quarter) from the old quarter becuase
that is the % you are looking for the delta from.



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