basic formulas

where can i find a generic listing of what certain things 
in formulas mean?  (ie. a comma)
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2/13/2004 8:00:07 PM
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Try clicking on the cell that contains the formula, then click on the
"=" button next to "Formula Bar"...this will bring up a box that
explains a little bit about the function and show what each section
should contain.  Some functions are more complex than others so try
clicking on the "Help" button inside this new box.  This will open up
Excel Help about the specific function that you're using

I've found that using the Help function in Excel is very...helpful (for
lack of a better word)  the explainations have been good enough to get
me through most functions.

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2/13/2004 8:22:15 PM
Hi Lissa,

If you click on the 'Paste Function' button (the one with the 'fx') on the
Standard toolbar, you can select any function and the 'Paste Function'
dialogue box will give a brief description of what the function does.
Double-click on a function and you'll get more help, including details about
each of the function's parameters when you select them. Click on the 'Help'
button on the dialogue box, and you'll get even more help, including


"Lissa Taylor" <> wrote in message
> where can i find a generic listing of what certain things
> in formulas mean?  (ie. a comma)

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