Aligning multiple checkboxes

How can I align multiple checkboxes?  Under the prperties menu, the option to "align with cells" is grayed out.  Any help would be greatly appreciated
anonymous (74722)
4/5/2004 7:21:05 PM
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Do you have your checkboxes selected?  From the Drawing 
toolbar, select the arrow.  Then lasso the checkbox 
objects in order to select them.  Then check out the 
alignment (Draw->Align or distribute).


>-----Original Message-----
>How can I align multiple checkboxes?  Under the prperties 
menu, the option to "align with cells" is grayed out.  Any 
help would be greatly appreciated
anonymous (74722)
4/5/2004 8:05:30 PM
Thanks!, that worked great.  Do you know why when I go to 'form control' under properties, the "move and size with cell" is grayed out?
anonymous (74722)
4/6/2004 9:36:05 PM

That's an area which I cannot assist in.  I do not know 
what you are referring to by 'form control', 'move size by 
cell', etc. I guess I'm still engrained into the older 
schools of thought.

>-----Original Message-----
>Thanks!, that worked great.  Do you know why when I go 
to 'form control' under properties, the "move and size 
with cell" is grayed out?
anonymous (74722)
4/7/2004 1:02:55 PM
I have no idea, but that's the way excel works.

If you need to have that option, you could use the checkboxes from the
ControlToolbox toolbar.  

Ron wrote:
> Thanks!, that worked great.  Do you know why when I go to 'form control' under properties, the "move and size with cell" is grayed out?


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
4/7/2004 10:51:05 PM

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