Add Rows based on Cell contents

Hi all,

I have a spreadsheet that starting at row 18 contains the following 
B18= Datavalidation indirect ($M$2)
C18=IF(B18="No More 

Columns D and F are 0 Width because they contain information in other rows 
that are not to be seen

What I want to do is if B18 does not equal specific text "No More Options" 
it will insert two rows with the same formulas and datavalidation at row 20, 
but set the value of B20 to "No More Options".  then start the whole process 
all over again starting at row 20 and inserting at row 22 if B20 does not 
equal "No More options" continuing until the maximum amount has been reached 
(cell G18)

9/16/2005 6:01:07 PM
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