12 digit number rounding down why?

12 digit number entered with cell formatted as just a number is rounding to 
end in zero all the time. Help please. cell is not locked
3/17/2010 1:00:01 PM
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Can you give an example or two?
best wishes
Bernard Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP

"Lyd" <Lyd@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> 12 digit number entered with cell formatted as just a number is rounding 
> to
> end in zero all the time. Help please. cell is not locked 

3/17/2010 1:20:50 PM
You sure it is only 12 digits?

Excel will add a zero after 15th digit.

Never seen after 12 digits.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 06:00:01 -0700, Lyd <Lyd@discussions.microsoft.com>

>12 digit number entered with cell formatted as just a number is rounding to 
>end in zero all the time. Help please. cell is not locked

3/17/2010 3:47:30 PM

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