Step Line Charts

Does anyone know how I can create a step line chart without having to have 2 data points per x-axis point.  What I want is a horizontal line until the next data point and then I want the line to go vertical.  
anonymous (74723)
12/11/2003 4:06:08 PM
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Hi Carrie,

You Will need some form of extra data to get excel to create a step 
chart. Take a look at these methods.

Carrie wrote:

> Does anyone know how I can create a step line chart without having to have 2 data points per x-axis point.  What I want is a horizontal line until the next data point and then I want the line to go vertical.  



andy9699 (3616)
12/11/2003 4:31:41 PM
If you decide to go with a XY Scatter chart with error bars, you can 
find step-by-step instructions at the Excel | Charts | 'Step Charts' 
page of my web site.


Tushar Mehta, MS MVP -- Excel
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In article <>, says...
> Does anyone know how I can create a step line chart without having to have 2 data points per x-axis point.  What I want is a horizontal line until the next data point and then I want the line to go vertical.  
12/11/2003 5:02:10 PM

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