Specify format in source data

can you specify format information in the source data. for example coul
you specify that a segment in a pie chart for sales of oranges shoul
always be orange, apples green etc et

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5/6/2004 8:43:31 PM
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In this post I show a macro that colors a series based on the series 
name. It would not be a major effort to base the color instead on the X 
value of a point.

Of course, if the fruits are always in the same order, just keep using a 
copy of the same chart, or turn it into a custom chart type:


- Jon
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lynxbci < wrote:

> can you specify format information in the source data. for example could
> you specify that a segment in a pie chart for sales of oranges should
> always be orange, apples green etc etc
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DOjonNOT (619)
5/7/2004 1:35:18 AM

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