how to make gaps in plotted data when cell has formula

I have a simple data set with a value for each month except June.

I want the chart to reflect a gap for June, not a zero value.  Although I
did tools, options, chart, make empty cells plot as gaps,   it still plots
the June value as a zero.

In an attempt to get rid of div/o error,  I have a formula  in the data set
as If (b5=0, "", c5/b5) . What I'm plotting is the quotient c/b.

We have determined that the formula is what is causing the problem.
Interestingly, if I open this same worksheet (as is) in quattro pro, the gap
appears in the chart.

Is there a different way to do this? thanks.

Douglas E. Eglen
Kokomo, IN

deglen (1)
12/4/2003 8:25:35 PM
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Yes.  Replace the "" by NA()

If this messes up subsequent formulas, use a dummy range for plotting 

If you don't like the resulting #N/A display, see Debra Dalgleish's


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In article <bqo4k2$kmn$>, says...
> I have a simple data set with a value for each month except June.
> I want the chart to reflect a gap for June, not a zero value.  Although I
> did tools, options, chart, make empty cells plot as gaps,   it still plots
> the June value as a zero.
> In an attempt to get rid of div/o error,  I have a formula  in the data set
> as If (b5=0, "", c5/b5) . What I'm plotting is the quotient c/b.
> We have determined that the formula is what is causing the problem.
> Interestingly, if I open this same worksheet (as is) in quattro pro, the gap
> appears in the chart.
> Is there a different way to do this? thanks.
12/4/2003 9:19:02 PM

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