How do i plot two series of data both in accending order on a line

I have multiple series of data to plot in a line graph that I want view from 
the lowest to highest.  For example:

sales sold by REP AND product type & person.  Each series represent a type 
of product. the Vert scale is the number sold and the horz scale is the rep 
in order of rank from lowest to highest.  Each series/product is independant.

Can I do this?

MFM (1)
5/27/2009 6:56:06 PM
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If you sort each product by it's sales figure then you will have a unique 
SalesRep order for each series. So I don't see how you can also have Reps 
sharing the one x axis.
You might want to consider a different chart type. Perhaps a Bump chart 
where the vertical divides are the Product, Vertical scale sales and Reps as 



Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel
"MFM" <> wrote in message
>I have multiple series of data to plot in a line graph that I want view 
> the lowest to highest.  For example:
> sales sold by REP AND product type & person.  Each series represent a type
> of product. the Vert scale is the number sold and the horz scale is the 
> rep
> in order of rank from lowest to highest.  Each series/product is 
> independant.
> Can I do this?
> Thanks. 

andy9699 (3616)
5/28/2009 8:14:44 AM

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