How do I plot chart with negative value using Logarithmic Scale ?

FTian (1)
5/15/2006 4:35:01 AM
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On Sun, 14 May 2006, in microsoft.public.excel.charting,
FTian <> said:

[no content, but Subject line reads: "How do I plot chart with negative 
value using Logarithmic Scale ?"]

It's not Excel's fault you can't do that, it's a mathematical 
impossibility. Zero is an infinite distance way down past the bottom of 
the chart, and negative numbers are "beyond infinity".

If you still want to try it, then you need to use a linear scale, but 
create a column with a formula that looks like:


and plot that instead. Then go to Jon Peltier's site and learn about 
using "dummy axes", ranges of labelled data that are created to mimic 
the appearance of an axis in Excel, to do what Excel's axes can't do.

Then you should put a text box in the chart to explain to the readers 
that what they're seeing is not a proper log scale, but two log scales 
back-to-back, one for positive, and one for reversed negative.

Del Cotter
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5/15/2006 8:07:00 AM

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