how do i plot a saw tooth graph?

i want to plot a saw tooth graph. this is like an inventory graph where there 
is production and instantaneous consumpltion

zen (4)
1/9/2005 6:39:02 PM
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Can you give an example of the type of data that you want to plot?

"zen" <> wrote in message
> i want to plot a saw tooth graph. this is like an inventory graph where
> is production and instantaneous consumpltion

breinhardt (272)
1/10/2005 7:09:49 PM

Assuming the data label "A" resides in cell A1, you can set up a simple 
sawtooth pattern by using an XY Scatter chart with your data set up as 

1,000	5,000	5,000	9,000	0.5
1,000	4,000	5,000	8,000	1.5
1,000	3,000	5,000	7,000	2.5
1,000	2,000	5,000	6,000	3.5
1,000	1,000	5,000	5,000	4.5

Assume the sheet name is "st".  Create an XY Scatter chart.

The first series is a vertical line . . .

The X values are:

The Y values are:

The second series is a diagonal line . . .

The X values are:

The Y values are:

The third series is a vertical line . . .

The X values are:

The Y values are:

The fourth series is a diagonal line . . .

The X values are:

The Y values are:

And so on . . .

Given this logic, you should be able to set up an XY chart to show inventory 
additions, consumption, and trigger points for reordering.

John Mansfield

"zen" wrote:

> i want to plot a saw tooth graph. this is like an inventory graph where there 
> is production and instantaneous consumpltion
1/11/2005 2:03:01 AM

A much better way to create the sawtooth graph is to set your data up like 

1/1/05	5,000
1/2/05	4,000
1/3/05	3,000
1/4/05	2,000
1/5/05	1,000
1/5/05	5,000
1/6/05	4,000
1/7/05	3,000
1/8/05	2,000
1/9/05	1,000
1/9/05	5,000
1/10/05	4,000
1/11/05	3,000
1/12/05	2,000
1/13/05	1,000

Create a simple line chart with your X-axis formatted as dates.  Please note 
the duplicated dates at 01/05 and 01/09 that include the maximum and minimum 
inventory values.  The duplicated dates effectively create the sawtooth.  
Sorry I didn't create this before my previous post.

John Mansfield 

"zen" wrote:

> i want to plot a saw tooth graph. this is like an inventory graph where there 
> is production and instantaneous consumpltion
1/11/2005 3:07:01 AM

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