How do I chart contours in Excel 2007?

I have some geophysical data I want to chart. How can I generate contours, or 
with the surface chart, how can I change the values for the coloured bands?
Thank you
3/3/2010 3:29:02 PM
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EXCEL 2007

Try a Surface Chart.

To set one up:-

Hit the F1 Help Facility Key

In the Browse Excel Help section click on Charts

Next click on Chart types

Next click on Present your data in a surface chart

There are detailed instructions in here as to how to set one up. 

If my comments have helped please hit Yes. 

"tpmbrian" wrote:

> I have some geophysical data I want to chart. How can I generate contours, or 
> with the surface chart, how can I change the values for the coloured bands?
> Thank you
3/3/2010 6:19:01 PM
Don't get your hopes up, Excel's contour/surface charts are not very 
sophisticated. The long and lat are categorical, not numeric, and the 
algorithms that generate contours is rudimentary.

I've written about these charts in details:

Contour and Surface Charts in Excel 2007

Surface and Contour Charts in Microsoft Excel

- Jon
Jon Peltier
Peltier Technical Services, Inc.

On 3/3/2010 10:29 AM, tpmbrian wrote:
> I have some geophysical data I want to chart. How can I generate contours, or
> with the surface chart, how can I change the values for the coloured bands?
> Thank you
3/4/2010 3:42:08 PM

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