Exporting several xml levels from excel


I must export data from excel to an xml file using a schema like this:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<data senddate="23/01/2009">

<site code="12345" latitude="56.4517" longitude="11.5431" unitid="1234">

<requireddata catchdate="19/11/2008"


<datatest id="1"

<datatest id="2"

<datatest id="3"



-but the problem is that Excel 2003 somehow cannot associate the level 
<datatest id="2"
with the xml schema. Is there any way I can sort this out? I would like to 
keep the dataid (1,2,3 etc) as fixed numbers so only the numspecies change 
for every entry.

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3/30/2009 9:51:03 AM
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