Dynamic Chart Help!

I want to create a line chart showing monthly data from April 2001 up t
and including the current month. (ie, my data will be expanding eac

I currently receive the data in a spreadsheet and any month that ha
not yet occurred contains a zero.

I keep reading about Dynamic charts, but I have no idea what they ar
and have never 'named' a range before, so can you given me a dummie
guide to doing this please

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7/30/2004 9:18:27 AM
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Christine -

Making a dynamic chart is not too complicated, but you can't just read 
about it, you have to work through a couple examples. I have a couple 
examples here, and links to more examples as well:


You need a few formulas to do this. If you know where your data starts, 
the formulas are easier. Defining a name merely means applying a name to 
a range of cells, and you can use a formula for this.

If you know the first cell with data, the formula is easier. Say the 
monthly data starts in E5, and extends down column E. Press CTRL+F3 to 
open the Define Names dialog (or go to Insert menu > Names > Define). 
Enter a name for the first cell, MyFirst, click in the Refers To box, 
then select E5 with the mouse. The Refers To box now says =Sheet1!$E$5. 
Click Add, and you've created your first named range.

If you know it's column E but aren't going to know the first cell, this 
formula defines MyLast as the first numeric cell in the column:


It means (look up INDEX in the help files) find within the range 
Sheet1!$E$1:$E$65535, the cell in the row defined by 
and in the column 1. That bit inside the min returns an array (list) of 
numbers, which is equal to the row of the cell if it contains a number, 
or is equal to 65536 if it doesn't contain a number. (so above the table 
there can't be any numbers in column E). In the example I gave, where 
the data starts in cell E5, this array is {65536, 65536, 65536, 65536, 
5,6,7,8, etc}. The first four cells are non-numeric, so the first four 
numbers are 65536. There are numbers in E5, E6, etc, so the row numbers 
are 5,6, etc. The min of the list is 5. Index(E1:E65535,5,1) then means E5.

Now you need a formula for the last cell. Enter MyLast in the Name box, 
and the refers to formula is


This finds the last cell with a positive value in column E.

Let's combine MyFirst and MyLast into a formula for the entire range of 
cells they span. In the name box, enter the name MyValues, and in the 
Refers To box, enter a much simpler formula:


Of course, you could combine the two previous formulas into a single 
monster formula for MyValues:


That's your defined name for the Values. To define a name for the 
months, enter the name MyMonths, then enter a simple formula:


This means define a range the same size as MyValues, located down 0 rows 
and right -1 rows (or left 1 row). I assume the months are in column D 
next to the values.

Now to make the chart. Click the chart wizard button, or find Chart on 
the Insert menu. In step 1, select the chart type. In step 2, click on 
the series tab. In the Name box, type the name of the series (the legend 
entry for the series), or click in it and select the cell with the 
mouse. Clear the Y Values box, and enter =Sheet1!MyValues, referring to 
the monster defined name from above. In the X Values (Category Labels) 
box, enter =Sheet1!MyMonths. Continue to the end, and you will have your 
first dynamic chart.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
Tutorials and Custom Solutions

Christine Wilso < wrote:
> I want to create a line chart showing monthly data from April 2001 up to
> and including the current month. (ie, my data will be expanding each
> month.)
> I currently receive the data in a spreadsheet and any month that has
> not yet occurred contains a zero.
> I keep reading about Dynamic charts, but I have no idea what they are
> and have never 'named' a range before, so can you given me a dummies
> guide to doing this please!
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7/30/2004 11:26:00 AM
good question...

the way i solved this was to name a range (using the 
insert --> name -->  define range dropdown menu command), 
and then create a chart that points to the named range in 
its data source fields.

Next I used the following macro to expand the named range:

With Range("ndx1")
        .Resize(.Rows.Count + 1, 1).Name = "ndx1"
        End With

Here my named column range is called ndx1.  Each time I 
run the macro it expands the column of data by one row 
down - and presto! the chart is dynamically updated.

>-----Original Message-----
>I want to create a line chart showing monthly data from 
April 2001 up to
>and including the current month. (ie, my data will be 
expanding each
>I currently receive the data in a spreadsheet and any 
month that has
>not yet occurred contains a zero.
>I keep reading about Dynamic charts, but I have no idea 
what they are
>and have never 'named' a range before, so can you given 
me a dummies
>guide to doing this please!
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anonymous (74723)
7/30/2004 1:44:00 PM

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