data range is too complex.

I am just changing over to excel 2007. . Most of my data will update to the 
embedded chart just fine but one tells me "the data range is too complex to 
be displayed. I don't know how to fix it
Thanks for all your help.
God Bless,
godschild (1)
7/24/2007 1:20:00 AM
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I had one like it and all I did to fix it was select the chart and right 
click on it, select data-> click on the icon at far right of Chart Data 
Range, use the mouse to select the data range, click on the icon at far right 
then OK. 

Note: If there are multiple ranges and the ranges are not adjacent, select 
the first range then hold the Ctrl key down while you select the remaining 



"Frank" wrote:

> I am just changing over to excel 2007. . Most of my data will update to the 
> embedded chart just fine but one tells me "the data range is too complex to 
> be displayed. I don't know how to fix it
> -- 
> Thanks for all your help.
> God Bless,
> Frank
OssieMac (238)
7/24/2007 11:54:01 AM

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