Customer Feedback chart

I need to create a customer feedback chart. They have had to complete a 
comment card by answering excellent, good, average, poor and bad for a series 
of items. How can I input this data into excel and then show the results in a 
pie chart?
Pip (6)
1/28/2007 5:57:00 PM
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The pie chart needs this data:

Excellent   XXX
Good        XXX
Average     XXX
Poor        XXX
Bad         XXX

Select the data and use the Chart Wizard (chart-like button on the standard 
toolbar, or use Insert menu > Chart) to create  a pie chart.

If your data is like:

Customer A   Excellent
Customer B   Average
Customer C   Poor
Customer D   Average
Customer E   Good

you can get it into the required format using a pivot table (Data menu), 
putting the Rating field into both the row and data areas of the pivot 
table, or using formulas:

Put the ratings into a range, say E1:E5, then in F1 enter this formula:


where B1:B100 is the range containing the ratings. Fill this formula down to 
F5, and you have a table like that at the top of this reply.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Tutorials and Custom Solutions

"Pip" <> wrote in message
>I need to create a customer feedback chart. They have had to complete a
> comment card by answering excellent, good, average, poor and bad for a 
> series
> of items. How can I input this data into excel and then show the results 
> in a
> pie chart? 

jonxlmvpNO (4558)
1/28/2007 9:16:33 PM

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