Comparative charts

I want to do a simple bar chart showing sales for each day this year, with 
right next to it, sales from the same day last year.  How would I setup my 
table to do this?  I am dumping data from another source.

Kelli (10)
10/26/2004 5:17:01 PM
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Set up your data with days down column A, with the years as headings in 
row 1. For example:

    2004   2005
1   100    125
2   125    132

Select a cell in the table, and use the Chart Wizard to create a chart.

Jon Peltier has a Charting tutorial that may help you:

Kelli wrote:
> I want to do a simple bar chart showing sales for each day this year, with 
> right next to it, sales from the same day last year.  How would I setup my 
> table to do this?  I am dumping data from another source.
> Kelli

Debra Dalgleish
Excel FAQ, Tips & Book List

dsd1 (5911)
10/27/2004 1:08:53 AM

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