Chart to represent sale number by individual contrubtion vs total

I need help on how to create a chart to represent sales number by individual 
contributor vs total.

Alvin = $50
Mary = $150
John = $80
Kate = $120
Total = $400 

The chart should show a graphical representation of $400 as the total, and 
it shows how each person contribute to the chart. 
LiHia (1)
12/5/2008 3:09:01 AM
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One way would be to plot the data, not including the total as a stacked 
column.  Alternately, you could plot the data without the total as a column 
chart and then plot the total as a line on the same chart.  Just make a 
second series with each item the total.

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Shane Devenshire

"Li Hia" wrote:

> I need help on how to create a chart to represent sales number by individual 
> contributor vs total.
> E.g. 
> Alvin = $50
> Mary = $150
> John = $80
> Kate = $120
> Total = $400 
> The chart should show a graphical representation of $400 as the total, and 
> it shows how each person contribute to the chart. 
12/5/2008 7:13:01 PM

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