Chart Help -How ?


I'm a newbie with Excel & I am struggling to make this work.

It's work related.

I'm simply trying to show sales figures in a Pie-chart based upon the
following information:

		Alex	Frankie	w/c 13/3/06
Calls made	 45	70	
No. not interested	 10	10	
No. interested	 1	8	
No. of call backs	 34	52	
Appointments made 0	1	

But I can't work out how I'm going to show the legends but also
including the 2 staff members.

I'm sure somebody out there will have a better resolution.


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4/10/2006 8:08:07 PM
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Have a look at the pie in pie example. The legend will convert to the 2 
series labels. The colour of the legend marker reflects the colour of 
the first segments.

Maybe consider an alternative chart style. If you want a round chart try 
the donut.
Personally I would go with a column chart so you can see the comparative 
score more easily.


conks wrote:
> Hi, 
> I'm a newbie with Excel & I am struggling to make this work.
> It's work related.
> I'm simply trying to show sales figures in a Pie-chart based upon the
> following information:
> 		Alex	Frankie	w/c 13/3/06
> Calls made	 45	70	
> No. not interested	 10	10	
> No. interested	 1	8	
> No. of call backs	 34	52	
> Appointments made 0	1	
> But I can't work out how I'm going to show the legends but also
> including the 2 staff members.
> I'm sure somebody out there will have a better resolution.
> Thanks


Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel
andy9699 (3616)
4/11/2006 8:03:12 AM

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