chart a time frame

I have a spreadsheet that contains a list of projects 
where each project has a start date and an end date.

I need to chart these projects all into one chart showing 
the start date and end date for each different project in 
a monthly calander type of format with the months going 
across the top of the chart from left to right.

I'm having trouble finding a chart that will plot these 
dates as point "A" and point "B" with a line in between 
for each different project.

What type of chart should I use and how can I get the 
results that I'm looking for?

Thank you for your help.
anonymous (74722)
3/3/2004 7:31:41 PM
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I understand you want to plot something like a Gantt chart.

Create a new column called duration = enddate - startdate

Plot Project, StartDate and Duration along the "Floating Bars" custo
type chart. You can change it to 2D if you prefer.

You might face some difficulty in alignment if you are dealing wit
days and weeks and months. So I suggest you stick to one unit o

- Leni

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3/4/2004 5:51:22 AM

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I have a number of links to Gantt chart examples:

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services

LeninVMS < wrote:

> I understand you want to plot something like a Gantt chart.
> Create a new column called duration = enddate - startdate
> Plot Project, StartDate and Duration along the "Floating Bars" custom
> type chart. You can change it to 2D if you prefer.
> You might face some difficulty in alignment if you are dealing with
> days and weeks and months. So I suggest you stick to one unit of
> measure.
> - Lenin
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jonxlmvpNO (4558)
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