best tutorials for graphs ( line of best fit) for excel

What are the best tutorials  for using excel for stastical analysis graphs 
and other graphs such as Line of best fit?
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4/24/2008 11:36:00 PM
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Here's a link to my chart gallery of Excel statistical charts.

Here's a link to my page on trend analysis with Excel. This page shows 
several regression techniques that you can use with Excel.

Post back if you have more specific questions.

Kelly O'Day

koday at processtrends dot com

"Niccole D" <Niccole> wrote in message
> What are the best tutorials  for using excel for stastical analysis graphs
> and other graphs such as Line of best fit? 

dkod (205)
4/25/2008 12:45:23 AM
Your discussion of LINEST (LOGEST behaves similarly) explicitly continues the 
misconception, fostered by Excel's Help, that LINEST is limited to simple 
linear regression.  Actually the x data can be a rectangular region, in which 
case LINEST does multiple regression linear in the unknowns.  Polynomial 
regression is a special case that can be handled by array formulas without 
the need to have the power columns explicitly exist on the worksheet, as in

The ATP regression tool simply reformats and expands (not always 
intelligently) the output of LINEST.

Prior to 2003, LINEST could get into numerical difficulty quickly on 
polynomial regressions that the chart trendline handled quite well.

"Improvements" to charting in 2007 make it unreliable in many instances that 
LINEST now handles easily.


"Kelly O'Day" wrote:

> Niccole:
> Here's a link to my page on trend analysis with Excel. This page shows 
> several regression techniques that you can use with Excel.
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4/25/2008 10:07:00 AM

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