Adding data that is not graphed to chart

I have a few existing charts that show percent compliance by category by 
quarter.  There are seven categories on each chart.  Is there a way to add 
the "n" to the chart as a label?  I have the sample sizes for each category 
by quarter in a separate spreadsheet.

Is this even possible?

mellermj (1)
3/10/2009 3:02:04 PM
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You could add a textbox or use a spare built-in title box, such as Category 
or Value axis title.

These can either be edited manually or be linked to cells.



Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel
"mellermj" <> wrote in message
>I have a few existing charts that show percent compliance by category by
> quarter.  There are seven categories on each chart.  Is there a way to add
> the "n" to the chart as a label?  I have the sample sizes for each 
> category
> by quarter in a separate spreadsheet.
> Is this even possible?

andy9699 (3616)
3/10/2009 3:13:51 PM

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