XPath Query Help

I'm trying to write a query to pull all the specific fields from a xml
file.  The XML is structured in such a way that nested child elements
in a section will determine if a field exists in a form.  In order to
show all the fields in an xml file I need to get all XML elements
between two elements.

Here is an example:

    <elem><tag="start" /></elem>
    <elem><val>Keep this one</val></elem>
    <elem><tag="stop" /></elem>
    <elem><val>Discard Me</val></elem>
    <elem><tag="start" /></elem>
    <elem><val>Keep this one</val></elem>
    <elem><tag="stop" /></elem>

I want to get the <val> tags between the start and stop tags, and
discard the <val> tags outside of the start/stop tags.
Anyone know how to write an XPath query to give me this?  I've been
frustrated over it for a while now using Visual XPath to figure it


verifex (3)
11/8/2007 12:53:59 AM
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Brendan CM wrote:

> Here is an example:
> <root>
>   <container>
>     <elem><tag="start" /></elem>
What is that? That is not well-formed XML.

>     <elem><val>Keep this one</val></elem>
>     <elem><tag="stop" /></elem>
Same here.


	Martin Honnen --- MVP XML
mahotrash (1778)
11/8/2007 1:31:09 PM
Ok, figured it out, given the following XML:
    <elem><tag v="start"></tag></elem>
    <elem><val>Keep this one</val></elem>
    <elem><val>Keep this one too</val></elem>
    <elem><tag v="stop"></tag></elem>
    <elem><val>Discard Me</val></elem>
    <elem><tag v="start"></tag></elem>
    <elem><val>Keep this one</val></elem>
    <elem><tag v="stop"></tag></elem>

This XPath will return only elems within the start stop tags:

verifex (3)
11/8/2007 7:43:59 PM
On Nov 8, 5:31 am, Martin Honnen <mahotr...@yahoo.de> wrote:
> Brendan CM wrote:
> > Here is an example:
> > <root>
> >   <container>
> >     <elem><tag="start" /></elem>
>               ^^^^^^^^^^^
> What is that? That is not well-formed XML.
Okay, it was just an example, here is some well formed XML:

    <elem><tag v="start"></tag></elem>
    <elem><val>Keep this one</val></elem>
    <elem><tag v="stop"></tag></elem>
    <elem><val>Discard Me</val></elem>
    <elem><tag v="start"></tag></elem>
    <elem><val>Keep this one</val></elem>
    <elem><tag v="stop"></tag></elem>

Same question applies though, surely someone here knows that last
little bit of XPath that I'm missing.
This is what I've got so far: //elem[tag[@v="start"]]/following-
And it doesn't work.  :(

verifex (3)
11/8/2007 7:45:29 PM

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