xpath again - not xslt ? but to select node in asp.net

Hi again,

I'm using the following xpath (works in visualizer) with a
SelectSingleNode("xpath") statement.


Problem is I get an error "expression passed to this method should
result in a NodeSet". Of course, that (sort of) makes sense to me now (I
suppose just an attribute couldn't be a nodeset, but how would I go

I need to determine if and what <WI> element is the parent of the last
<Board> is according to the above xpath.

I then need to set a variable of the @order of that WI element for that

If n Is Nothing Then
 Dim varOrder = 1
 Dim varOrder = retrieved_order + 1....etc.

Any clues appreciated...sorry to be so stupid about this.


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7/23/2003 10:14:56 PM
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> I'm using the following xpath (works in visualizer)

No it doesn't "work in visualiser" (in case you mean the XPath

The XPath Visualiser returns the following error message:

"Error No.:-2147467259
 Error: Node test expected here.


So what's so strange in this error message?

> with a
> SelectSingleNode("xpath") statement.
> //Station[@name="Station1"]/(WI[Boards/Board[@sn="583230"][@finish]])[la
> st()]]/@order

The error message points out explicitly what's illegal with the syntax
of the above XPath expression. The exact offending symbol is marked.

To understand why a bracket cannot be used in place of a node-test one
must have a minimal familiarity with XPath 1.0. This requires to read
a good introductory level book on XSLT/XPath (all good books about
XPath that I'm aware of usually cover XSLT too).

Another note is about the way you present your problem:
  - You do not provide the source xml document on which the XPath
expression is to be evaluated.

  - You do not explain what nodes you want to select.

Presenting a problem in this way makes it extremely difficult for
anyone to guess and help.

This is definitely not a good way to ask a question and not
surprisingly there would not be useful answers.

Also, if the question is so basic (e.g. not understanding a good error
message explaining an obvious syntax error), very few people would be
tempted to provide an answer for someone who has not "done their
homework" (e.g. didn't read even the simplest and most introductory
book on the subject).

Answers to random questions are not a substitute for systematic
learning, which is required in order to understand any subject.


Dimitre Novatchev.
http://fxsl.sourceforge.net/ -- the home of FXSL
dimitren (11)
7/24/2003 7:49:13 AM
> Perhaps I posted this question to the wrong group? I still need to know
> how (in asp.net) to get a SelectSingleNode("xpath") to the point where
> AFTER that statement I can set a variable on the "order" attribute of
> the WI element. I am using the xpath WITHOUT the offending parens and
> continue to get the error about the nodesset.
> Would appreciate any other replies as I'm a bit stuck.
> Sorry if I didn't phrase the question correctly.

Sorry, but you continue to follow the wrong path:

 1. Where/what is the XPath expression?

 2. Where/what is your xml document (the shortest possible) on which
the XPath expression in 1. is to be evaluated?

 3. Where/what is your description in English of what you want to be

 4. Where/what is your (I assume VB.Net) ASP code (shortest possible
-- just relevant to the problem)?

In case anyone of the above is not provided (and in your present
message you provide none of them), even people willing to help will
have only to guess.

On the other side, there are many, many examples in the newsgroups of
well-formulated questions, which get solutions in a straightforward


Dimitre Novatchev.
http://fxsl.sourceforge.net/ -- the home of FXSL
dimitren (11)
7/24/2003 8:46:16 PM

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