VSTO 2005: Error in Schema Files Generation

In XML schema generation from a WordML document, VSTO 2005 VSTO creates 6 
files (general naming pattern):  XML.XSD ... XML5.XSD.

For our file names we use a special syntax for additional information on the 
project status. - Syntax for file names:  

Now, VSTO 2005 modifies its general naming pattern to 
XML.{STATUS}{I}.{FORMAT}. - Example
-  XML.ABCD1.XSD (instead of XML1.ABCD.XSD)
-  ...
-  XML.ABCD5.XSD (instead of XML5.ABCD.XSD)

I consider this behavior of VSTO 2005 as a programming error. 
-  Is this consideration correct?
-  How can I transmit the message to the developper team of VSTO directly?

Best regards - Studi1
Studi1 (2)
10/27/2009 11:01:01 AM
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