Using "&#10" (Ampersand#10) with XmlAttribute.InnerText

Hi, I'm trying to generate XML attribute text that contains the string 'Ampersand#10;'. Because my newsreader strips that expression away, I have replaced with the word 'Ampersand', but please note that I mean the single ampersand character. Unfortunately '&' is expandet to '&'. Any idea how to generate the required content? (BTW: This sequence is used by Excel-XML (SpreadsheetML) to mark a line feed in a cell and I am generating an Excel XML-Document. So I suppose it to be valid XML or should Microsoft really use not wellformed XML?) I have tried to use a '\n' but that also doesn't work. 

Any help highly appreciated! Thx. 


11/22/2007 12:39:52 PM
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