trying to READ nested "tables"

The nested option for WRITING XML is pretty clear. I have a problem
trying to READ nested "tables"....


With dataset.readxml I get a list of all the Employers, THEN a list of
all Employees, and no indicator of an employees parent employer.

Which is what needs to get to the database, keyed by acct + ssn.

The fly in the ointment here is that the schema is defined by an
outside party, and there is no common column between Employer and
Employee, the nesting IS the relationship. How do I turn this into a
datarelation?  Or is this going down a blind alley?

Some incoming files will literally be hundred-megs or more so we have
been doing the old SAX approach, but I really need to bring it up to
the 21st century.


   Gregory Waleed Kavalec
    Chiroptera Fornix Insanus... and Loving It

kavalec (1)
10/10/2008 3:01:12 PM
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