SignedXML.CheckSignature() not working

I'm using Michael Gallants DecodeCertKey example to get the public key
from an X509 certificate. I then create an RSAServiceProvider and try
to use it to CheckSignature() on the signed XML file. Other sources
such as can
verify the signature, but .Net won't. Any ideas?

Here is the code I'm using:

    ' Verify the signature of an XML file and return the result.
    Public Shared Function VerifyXmlFile(ByVal Name As String) As

        ' Create a new XML document.
        Dim xmlDocument As New XmlDocument

        ' Format using white spaces.
        xmlDocument.PreserveWhitespace = True

        ' Load the passed XML file into the document. 

        Dim oRSA As RSACryptoServiceProvider
        ' Load the X509 certificate.
        Dim x509Cert As X509Certificate =

        '//Create a new instance of RSACryptoServiceProvider.
         oRSA = DecodeCertKey.DecodeObject(x509Cert.GetPublicKey())

        ' Create a new SignedXml object and pass it
        ' the XML document class.
        Dim signedXml As New SignedXml

        ' Find the "Signature" node and create a new
        ' XmlNodeList object.
        Dim nodeList As XmlNodeList =

        ' Load the signature node.
        signedXml.LoadXml(CType(nodeList(0), XmlElement))

        ' Check the signature and return the result.
        Return signedXml.CheckSignature(oRSA)

    End Function
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7/4/2004 5:05:17 AM
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