SelectNodes starts-with XPath help

I have the following XML:

<folder name="global">
	<folder name="_images">
		<file name="creative_apply_txt.jpg" />
		<file name="creative_culture_txt.jpg" />
		<file name="push_btn_submit.gif"  />
	<folder name="en">
		<folder name="_images">
			<file name="creative_apply_txt.jpg" />
			<file name="creative_home_txt.jpg" />
			<file name="header_email_notice.gif" />

And I do the following call in my C# application:
XMLImageFileNodeList = XMLDirectoryStructure.SelectNodes(strXPath);

I want to get the node that represent files in the "en" folder that
start with "creative_". I am trying the XPath in two different ways,
neither of which is returning a result:

/folder[@name = 'global']/folder[@name = 'en']/folder[@name =
'_images']/file[starts-with(@name , 'creative_')]

/folder[@name = 'global']/folder[@name = 'en']/folder[@name =
'_images']/file/@name[starts-with(. , 'creative_')]

I've never really worked with the starts-with function before. Am I
doing it right or am I way off base?

Larry Viezel

larryv (2)
7/22/2005 10:43:23 PM
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* Larry Viezel wrote in microsoft.public.dotnet.xml:
>I want to get the node that represent files in the "en" folder that
>start with "creative_". I am trying the XPath in two different ways,
>neither of which is returning a result:
>/folder[@name = 'global']/folder[@name = 'en']/folder[@name =
>'_images']/file[starts-with(@name , 'creative_')]

This is correct.

>/folder[@name = 'global']/folder[@name = 'en']/folder[@name =
>'_images']/file/@name[starts-with(. , 'creative_')]

This is not, you select the @name attributes, not the element
nodes you are interested in.

>I've never really worked with the starts-with function before. Am I
>doing it right or am I way off base?

It's seems your problem is elsewhere. If simple queries like "//file"
do not work either you might have a problem with XML namespaces.
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