Reading XML file and stripping and then updating the values into the sqldatabase using Stored Procedures

Thanks in Advance

I have a XML file which is read from a .aspx page. I need to read through
all the elements, find the values of them and pass them on to the stored
procedure which updates the sql database.

Here the xml file which has to be read.

	<smssent time="10:30" subsid="12" dest="07951998960"
	<msgtranscribed time="" subsid="12" success="True" length="10"
timetaken="20" bureau="bureau10" agent="agentid"></msgtranscribed>
	<emailsent time="" subid="12"></emailsent>
	<mmssent time="" subid="12" dest="07951998960"
	<vvrecvd time="" subid="12"></vvrecvd>
	<vmrecvd time="" subid="12"></vmrecvd>
	<ussdsent time="" subid="12" dest="07951998960" id="213"></ussdsent>
	<vvnotifysent time="" subid="12"></vvnotifysent>
	<vvcollected time="" subid="12"></vvcollected>

In the above example only the smssent element is filled in.

At any point of time, only 1 element is filled with all the attributes, This
can be found out the time attribute id filled and this is a comman in all
the elements.

Can someone please help me on how the reading must take place. As all the
attribute values are strings. i have to convert to the respective data types
and update in the sql database.


2/11/2004 8:12:32 PM
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Sunil Pathi wrote:

> Can someone please help me on how the reading must take place. As all the
> attribute values are strings. i have to convert to the respective data types
> and update in the sql database.

Well, reading XML is too basic task. MSDN has great tutorial "Reading 
XML with the XmlReader"

Oleg Tkachenko [XML MVP, XmlInsider]
2/12/2004 12:53:10 PM

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