How to create a CLR DLL for Sql Server 2005? Is it just any .net class library that you can load into Sql Server 2005 or is there some special project type that I need to start with?

How to create a CLR DLL for Sql Server 2005? Is it just any .net class 
library that you can load into Sql Server 2005 or is there some special 
project type that I need to start with? 

10/23/2007 8:55:11 PM
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"DR" <> wrote in message 
> How to create a CLR DLL for Sql Server 2005? Is it just any .net class 
> library that you can load into Sql Server 2005 or is there some special 
> project type that I need to start with?
You can do it all "by hand" but there is a template "SQL Server project" in 
Visual Studio if you have the required version (not sure what that is 
The advantage of this project type is that you only get the assemblies 
installed on SQL Server in the Add Reference dialogue and the deployment is 
easy, just right-click the project to deploy to SQL. You also get the 
special SQL Server code attributes when you add a class etc.


Joe Fawcett (MVP - XML)

10/24/2007 9:59:54 AM
DR wrote:
> How to create a CLR DLL for Sql Server 2005? Is it just any .net class 
> library that you can load into Sql Server 2005 or is there some special 
> project type that I need to start with? 
  No, it's just plain DLL. Note though that I can't reference anything 
you want, because SQL Server only allows to reference "tested" .NET 
assemblies (even from System namespace). Particularly your assembly 
cannot reference System.Web.

Oleg Tkachenko [XML MVP, MCPD] | http://www.XmlLab.Net
some2113 (163)
10/28/2007 10:05:12 AM

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