Having trouble making a class that serialises how I want..

Hi All

I devised an XSD schema for a service offered by a remote company (on
a very simplistic level) and used the XSD.EXE to turn it into a suite
of classes, the idea being that I can make a library out of them to
give to other developers, and the other dvelopers will simply say:

service.Address.FirstLine = "1 The Road"
service.Address.ZIPCode = "12345"
service.Person.Name = "John Smith"
socket.WriteString(service.ToXML() )

Or something like this. Now my problem comes when some elements may
appear more than once. I was given to understand that I must thus put
them in an array but its the presence of the array that is giving

A person has a Current and a Previous address. Irritatingly, the only
thing that differentiates the two is the order they appea rin the XML
document. I told the company we are dealing with that relying on order
to give meaning to data is not what XML is about, and I wasnt
impressed with their refusal to do anything about it, but that's the
end of that.. I must now work with those constraints

So, I'm trying to generate some xml like this (i've left data out,
just putting empty tags for simplicity):


Of concern is the address.. It is to be such that the first block of
address is the current address. the previous address comes in the
second address tag

My code in VB.NET (i can translate to C# if required) looks something

Public addresses(0 to 1) as New AddressXMLBlockRepresentation

Public Property CurrentAddress
    Return addresses(0)
  End Get
    addresses(0) = value
  End Set
End Property

Public Property PreviousAddress
    Return addresses(1)
  End Get
    addresses(1) = value
  End Set
End Property

So, i've set an ignore for the two properties so i dont get XML
looking like:

But now i'm finding that the XML forms like::


Anyone know how to get the array to serialise out as a sequence of
elements <address> without the enclosing type name being in there too?

I did try setting an IGNORE on the array and saying each Property must
have a

But it errors on reflecting - "address" appears twice (understandable
- this couldnt be deserialized if one tag name could refer to two

This must be possible because DataSet already does this.. If we
serialize a dataset containing one datatable, that has 4 rows we get:

<DataSet1 xmlns="http://tempuri.org/DataSet1.xsd">

I want my address to be the equivalent of the DataTable1 nesting
level, and the elements an address contains be the equivalent of the
Columns but I dont know how to do that..

Also, of further nuisance, the serializer will only serialize public
fields, which means my array has to be public, which means it can be
seen by other coders. The idea was to develop a library that worked
with intellisense so that developers wouldnt see the internal array
name when they type the service name followed by period..

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8/25/2007 8:35:14 AM
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