Government Applications One Focus of XML 2004

XML 2004 to Focus on Government XML Applications

Expanded Government Track to Highlight XML Applications in U.S. and Abroad;,, CIO Council, and SICoP to Co-Host Event

Alexandria, Va. – Oct. 6, 2004 – IDEAlliance, a leading industry
association dedicated to fostering XML and other information technology
standards, today announced that XML Conference and Exposition 2004 will feature
a full track of presentations and topics focused on government-related XML
applications and solutions.  XML 2004 is slated for Nov. 15-19 at the Marriott
Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.  

Mary Ann Malloy, lead information systems engineer with The MITRE Corporation,
will be giving a presentation titled “XML-Native Constraint Evaluation” on
Thursday., Nov. 18 at 9:45 a.m.

“XML is being used in a number of different applications within the federal
government,” says Malloy. “Our presentation focuses on the migration to XML
by the Department of Defense for its text-based messaging systems.”

Fergal Murray, vice president North America, Propylon, says that his
presentation, “E-Government Architecture in Ireland: The Service-Oriented
Approach of the Public Services Broker” (Wed., Nov. 17, 11:45 a.m.) reflects
the impact of XML on governments around the globe.

“XML, service oriented architectures and service oriented business
applications are impacting governments everywhere,” says Murray. “This case
study focuses on the Irish Public Services Broker, an e-government
interoperability architecture based on an asynchronous XML messaging hub.”

Other government presentation topics at XML 2004 include:

Inventive XML: Story of XML at the US Patent & Trademark Office 
XML’s Impact on Process Efficiency and Legislative Document Management 
Getting Standards to (actually) Emerge 
How the US Federal Government is Using XML: One Year Later 
The Federal CIO Council's Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice
Quality of Service in Web Services Oriented Business Process 
Handling 1200 Government Forms in XML Schema 
e-Voting and XML: a Case Study of UK Government Local Election Pilots 
Multi-domain Dissemination Using W3C XML Schema and XML-Signature 
In addition to government participation on the program, several key
organizations that support the advancement of technology in government are
co-hosting the event this year. These include,, The CIO Council,
and SICoP.  


XML 2004 will also focus on a full range of XML-related topics such as Web
services, e-commerce, content management and databases, publishing, transaction
management and an array of other technologies. For a complete list of
presentations, tracks and events, visit 


For information on exhibiting at XML 2004, visit 

For information on sponsorship opportunities at XML 2004, visit  

For general information and to register to attend XML 2004, visit .

About IDEAlliance

IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) is a not-for-profit
membership organization. Its mission is to advance user-driven, cross-industry
solutions for all publishing and content-related processes by developing
standards, fostering business alliances, and identifying best practices.
IDEAlliance has been a leader in information technology since 1966 (founded as
Graphic Communications Association) having fostered the development and
adoption of standards such as ADIS, GRACoL, ICE, JIFFI, Mail.dat, papiNet,
PRISM, PROSE XML, SPACE XML, SGML, and XML. Learn more about IDEAlliance at





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