Databindings and XML - Binding Text between XML Tags instead of XML Tag Atrribute Information

Dear Group

I wonder if I do something wrong and whether this is possible at all.
Any hint is greatly appreciated.

I have a XML file bound to a Treeview. The treenodes Text/Value
properties bind and populate fine if I set them to an attribute of
XML tag. What I would like to do however is setting my nodes text and
value property to text that is between the XML tags. Example:

     <article value="1" text="Washing Powder">
          <description text="Super Whitewash">
               Super Whitewash is ideal and a 'must have' for some
Government departments..
     <article value="2" text="Butter">
          <description text="Extra Salted Butter">
               Our Extra Salted Butter is guaranteed to send your
blood pressure through the roof...

I tried to include 'Super Whitewash is ideal..' as an attribute in
description tag. But that doesn't allow me to to a line break e.g.
<br /> if I have several paragraphs for the description.
If I include the line break, <br />, between the description tags,
I can see is a list of <br /> if I put several paragraphs in but none
of the actual text.

Any help and hint is very appreciated.

Thank you for your time and effort,

11/27/2007 8:50:01 AM
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