Bug in XML signature??? Are there users than CAN answer????


I already posted two items - but no one seems to have the knowledge to help 
me out...
In the mean time I found out the following:

My existing signatures are testet using 

                SignedXml sXml = new SignedXml(licenses);
                RSA csp = RSA.Create();
                sXml.SigningKey = csp;
                if (sXml.CheckSignature())
                    m_SignatureState = Signature.Valid;
                    m_SignatureState = Signature.Invalid;

When I create a new signature, mehtod CheckSignature() suddenly returns 
FALSE.... I used the same code as the valid signature!!! 

I need to include KeyInfo while signing and MUST change to
                //sXml.SigningKey = csp;
                if (sXml.CheckSignature(csp))
                    m_SignatureState = Signature.Valid;
                    m_SignatureState = Signature.Invalid;

in order to get it working again.

Old signatures return TRUE on 
                sXml.SigningKey = csp;
                if (sXml.CheckSignature())
                    m_SignatureState = Signature.Valid;
                    m_SignatureState = Signature.Invalid;

New signatures must have KeyInfo included and return TRUE on
                if (sXml.CheckSignature(csp))
                    m_SignatureState = Signature.Valid;
                    m_SignatureState = Signature.Invalid;

Can anybody tell me why???

Can anybody tell me how to implement a signature WITHOUT <KeyInfo> in the 
XML file???

Please help me out,
Hans1 (87)
12/7/2007 11:24:01 AM
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