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I'm reading a book and I'm trying to learn the very basic about xml.

Can somebody give me an explanation why namespace are used in xml
perhaps with a simple example that demonstate the usefulness.


8/12/2008 7:14:10 AM
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Tony Johansson wrote:

> Can somebody give me an explanation why namespace are used in xml
> perhaps with a simple example that demonstate the usefulness.

If there were no namespaces then you could not mix different XML 
vocabularies as you could not distinguish for instance the XHTML 'table' 
elment from a 'table' element in another vocabulary. Using namespaces 
the complete name of the XHTML 'table' element is 
{}table where the URL 
'' provides the globally unique context for 
the local name 'table'. And any {}table is 
different from that.


	Martin Honnen --- MVP XML
mahotrash (1777)
8/12/2008 11:05:55 AM

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