ANN: nxslt (.NET XSLT Command Line Utility) version 1.3


I'm glad to announce version 1.3 of nxslt - .NET XSLT command line

What is nxslt

nxslt is a feature-rich command line utility that allows to perform XSL
Transformations (XSLT)  using .NET Framework's XSLT implementation -
System.Xml.Xsl.XslTransform class. nxslt basically dublicates
functionality and command line options, provided by Microsoft's
MSXSL.EXE Command Line Transformation Utility. In addition, nxslt has
some distinct advanced features, like support for XInclude, embedded
stylesheets, custom URI resolving, multiple result documents, custom
extension functions, built-in rich library of EXSLT extenstion functions

Changes since version 1.2:
- XInclude 1.0 CR support
- improved EXSLT support (more functions and better performance)
- minor bug fixes


nxslt supports XML Inclusions (XInclude) Candidate Recommendation [1]
via embedded XInclude.NET v1.0 library [2]. By default XInclude support
is enabled for both source XML and stylesheet. It can be disabled using
-xi option.


nxslt supports rich library of EXSLT [3] extension functions via
embedded or plugged in EXSLT.NET v1.0 library [4]. EXSLT support is
enabled by default and cannot be disabled in this version.

nxslt is .NET Framework application, written in C# language and requires
..NET Framework version 1.0 to be installed.

nxslt is freely available for download in precompiled Windows executable
form and in source code (complete Microsoft Visual Studio .NET C# project):
nxslt home:
GotDotNet site:

More info at


So enjoy!
Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn Technologies, Israel

11/2/2003 10:00:43 AM
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