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This has ASCII diagrams.  I built them using a fixed-width font, so looking
at them in a proportional font may make my pretty drawings quite ugly.


|----NODE 1
|    |----NODE A
|    |----NODE B
|----NODE 2
|    |----NODE C
|    |----NODE D

- Built by stepping through Schema and building TreeNodeSrc
  XML String.


|----NODE 1
|----NODE 2

- Built by stepping through Schema and building TreeNodeSrc
  XML String.

I only want the first level nodes and I don't want any post backs to the
server until the user clicks on a first level node, at which time, the
client will say to the server, "hey, I'm on Node 1 - give me the next level
of nodes under Node 1."

Then, the user sees:

|----NODE 1
|    |----NODE A
|    |----NODE B
|----NODE 2

The reason for this is performance.  The number of total nodes in this tree
could eclipse 100, and I have read that the TreeView control scales as well
as a drunken sailor (while I don't know how well drunken sailors scale, I
have to assume that it's pretty badly).

Thus, I'm going to want to filter my events such that I only post back to
the server when it is necessary to do so.  Or maybe there's another, smarter
way to acheive my objective?


The fact that a TreeView-ish web control will be used.
The fact that the nodes could be greater than 100.
I am drinking Green Tea and I like it.
I am grateful for your help.

John Ruiz
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9/17/2003 9:35:09 PM
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