Adding/copying Worksheet to Excel

I got 10 worksheets in workbook Master (file master.xls) and I wand to copy 
them to the workbook B (file b.xls).
How can I do this? I need to this for few thousand files.
4/6/2010 4:23:01 AM
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"Nicolas" wrote:

> I got 10 worksheets in workbook Master (file master.xls) and I wand to copy 
> them to the workbook B (file b.xls).
> How can I do this? I need to this for few thousand files.

This is code sample that shows how to add new worksheet in
        Dim obook As Excel.Workbook
        Dim osheet As Excel.Worksheet

        obook = oexcel.Workbooks.Add
        osheet = oexcel.Worksheets(1)
        osheet.Name = "TEST1"
        osheet.Range("A1:AZ400").Interior.ColorIndex = 2
        osheet.Range("A1").Font.Size = 12
        osheet.Range("A1").Font.Bold = True
        osheet.Range("A1").Value = "Excel Automation With Charts"

        osheet.Range("A2").Font.Size = 12
        osheet.Range("A2").Font.Bold = True
        osheet.Range("A2").Value = "Excel Automation With Charts"

        osheet = oexcel.worksheets(2)
        osheet.Name = "TEST2"
        osheet = oexcel.worksheets(3)
        osheet.Name = "TEST3"

        'add worksheet
        osheet = CType(obook.Worksheets.Add(), Excel.Worksheet)
        osheet.Name = "TEST42222222222222222"

        obook = Nothing
        oexcel = Nothing
4/12/2010 1:28:02 PM

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