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I have created an assembly library called MyClassLib and added a strong key 
so it has now been copied to the GAC.
I have also verified that the MyClassLib is within the GAC.
I have also a console app and when I click add References I had assumed that 
MyClassLib would have been visible
in the .NET tab in the add reference dialog but it wasn't. So therefore I 
had to use the projects tab instead to add
MyClassLib to the console app.

So my question is what is the criteria on those files that is displayed in 
the .tab .NET when looking at the add references dialog ?


2/17/2010 10:25:32 PM
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Tony Johansson wrote:

> So my question is what is the criteria on those files that is displayed in 
> the .tab .NET when looking at the add references dialog ?

I don't know what the current situation is, but I recall that (at least 
in) VS2005, the list of assemblies on the .NET tab in the "Add 
Reference" dialog was build up from a list of keys in the registry.

I don't have a reference right now, but google for something with the 
keywords "Visual Studio" "add reference" and "assembly" and something 
should turn up.

   Willem van Rumpt
2/18/2010 7:11:20 AM

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